Review: ‘What Do You Got’ Live

There’s a video of Bon Jovi performing ‘What Do You Got’ live from the show in New York yesterday on the P.C. Richard & Son blog.   I still think that the song is a reasonably good effort on the part of the band, and it plays well live.  There’s a photo gallery available from the P.C. Richard & Son Theater site as well that has some good shots of the band as well.

I don’t know if this is deliberate on Jon’s part, but the song works well with the raspier tone that his voice tends to have when he performs live.  And it’s a good performance–Jon doesn’t get nasal at all here.  Like I said before, this song isn’t a particularly outstanding one, but it’s solid.  It sounds just like what you’d expect from Bon Jovi in terms of a ballad, and it holds up well live.  Plus, the live version in this video ditches the overpowering backing vocals in the bridge that I didn’t like in the actual single, so it wins points right there.

Richie’s looking good lately as well.  The red shirt that he’s got on for this show is a great choice with his skin tone.  There’s a few particularly cute pictures in the photo gallery of Jon, Richie and Dave, where all three of them are grinning or laughing.  I love seeing Richie laugh; for some reason it makes him look amazingly cute.

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